Maximum diagnostics – Minimum intervention
Maximum effect – Minimum complication

Globus Periodontal – Endodontic Center operates since 1996 and its name indicates the two fields in which we specialize in. Witold Jurczyński is a periodontics enthusiast, while
Mariusz Piotrowski puts all his energy and passion into endodontic therapy.

A mutual passion for implantology and esthetic dentistry links the leading specialties in our Center.

We are extremely pleased by the fact that in those fields of treatment, patients are directed
to our clinic from the whole country. It motivates us to constant progress, improving our skills and improving our work in order to meet every dental challenge.

By fulfilling all the standards and requirements of the quality management system, we provide care on the highest international level in accordance with latest achievements in modern dentistry.

You are more than welcome to see our offer for more details.
Co-owners:  Mariusz Piotrowski and Witold Jurczyński.


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